Weston puts 'pop up' tattoo parlor event on hold, pending health inspection

WESTON, Mo. — The “pop-up” tattoo parlor event the Weston Board of Aldermen approved at its last meeting failed to launch for this month, but artist Devan Sisemore is hopeful that she’ll have better luck next time. Although Weston prohibits actual tattoo parlors, the private event received the go-ahead on Monday, Jan. 11, but that was contingent upon approval from the state health inspector. However, after board approval, Sisemore and the city learned that the state needed a 30-day notice to conduct an inspection prior to an event to allow for inspector scheduling.

With no inspection scheduled, the pop up tattoo parlor doesn’t have a set date at this point. However, Sisemore is slated to speak at the Monday, Feb. 8 board meeting to again introduce the private tattoo gallery event.

At the last meeting, Sisemore said she has visited Weston several times and admires the town — and has several clients from Weston who come to her parlor off 39th Street in downtown Kansas City, Mo. She has participated in similar pop-up parlor events in the past, including one at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Sisemore hoped not only to bring a similar event to Weston, but also to open up a dialogue with city staff about changing zoning codes. As a trained artist as well as a tattoo artist, Sisemore said she hopes to one day open a gallery shop, which would include art and art lessons, as well as a tattoo studio.

The board referred her to the Weston Planning and Zoning Commission, which will introduce the proposal at the Jan. 25 meeting. The discussion on the “pop up” event and potential changes to zoning codes will continue at those meetings.