Dearborn resident says City codes officer trespassed

The right to privacy was once again called into question at the Dearborn Board of Aldermen meeting June 10. During citizen participation, Dearborn resident Brian Harris voiced his concerns over the alleged trespassing of a City employee onto his property he said happened not once, not twice, but three times. When told to leave the property, Harris said, the employee — identified as Codes Enforcement Officer Vic Roberts — failed to do so and in one instance accused Harris of running an automobile business out of his home without a license due to the number of vehicles on Harris’ property, of which he has 15. He also pointed out that Roberts cited him for an unlicensed vehicle he had for less than 24 hours. Normally, when purchasing a new vehicle, the owner has 30 days to license the vehicle.

“Some people like sex. Some people like drugs. Some people like alcohol,” Harris said. “I like automobiles. It was premature when that came up.”

Furthermore, Harris questioned if there was corruption between the City and the Platte County Sheriff’s Department to harass certain neighbors but not others, a topic that has been brought up in the past year by other City residents about the City over unrelated ordinance citations. Specifically, Harris identified several reports he has filed with the Sheriff’s Department which have received no response. Sheriff’s Department representative Frank Thurman was at the meeting and confirmed one report to the Board, though he did not know the status of it currently.

Harris went on to point out that Dearborn Mayor Jamie Morey had multiple vehicles on his property.

“(That) car I had one day and I’m (mad),” Harris said. “You have two or three cars — I have that videotape. I know (dang) well they haven’t moved in six months.”