North Platte modifies student-employee policies

A state-mandated policy could affect employment and social activities for both students and staff in the North Platte School District community. Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) mandates all Missouri school districts to create and enforce an employee-student interaction policy by March 13. Many schools currently have such policies on their books, but smaller districts, like North Platte, are reviewing a sample policy from the MSBA to form their own policy.

The issue is simple: the district’s small size makes some of the sample policy guidelines from MSBA nearly impossible to implement without hurting local businesses or cutting off social activities for employees with children enrolled in the district.

“In my opinion, (our version of the policy) meets the requirements,” North Platte Superintendent Dr. Jeff Sumy said. “It talks about training, communication and disciplinary action. I think the MSBA will stand tight on what they propose, but it can be modified to fit the school districts.”