Platte City thrift store vandalized

A Platte City thrift store that operates on donations and volunteer efforts was vandalized and broken into last week. According to a report from the Platte City Police Department, on Thanksgiving morning an officer responded to a call from Hillcrest Ministries at Hwy. 92 and Bellomondo Drive in regards to a large plate glass window at the front of the store being broken out. The call was made by a passerby. When the officer arrived he saw the broken window and inspected the scene, where he also retrieved a large rock that had apparently been used to break out the window. It was unclear when the vandalism had occurred. The officer then talked to employees of the store who arrived at the scene and was told that initially, no items were believed to have been stolen. The next day, Nov. 29, officers were called back to the scene where they were informed by store manager Lou Warner that a “five-foot red Ferris wheel” had been taken from the front of the store during the alleged break-in. Warner said the item had a price tag of $200.