Weston considering trash service switch

Solid waste management is always a weighty issue for municipalities, and the City of Weston is no exception. With its contract with Deffenbaugh set to expire in early 2014, the City sent the contract out to bid and received interest from both Deffenbaugh and Red Gate Disposal in Edgerton. City Clerk Kim Kirby said in her analysis of both bids she noted prices were fairly neck-and-neck and came down to about a $34 difference between the two bids with Red Gate the apparent low bidder. A representative from Deffenbaugh said that some of its pickup prices were rolled back and adjusted in an attempt to retain the City’s business, as, frankly, they knew they would have competition. Terry Peterson, owner of Red Gate Disposal, told the Board his company was locally owned by he and his wife and he hired locals to work the routes. His trucks were single-axle, which was easier on City streets and not as loud. Red Gate’s trucks also featured back-up cameras as a safety feature. He also noted that he hauled trash to the St. Joseph landfill. “We spend our money where we make it, which is kind of unusual in this day and age,” Peterson said. “When we work in a city, we buy there. Fuel and anything else we can buy in that city we will do it.” Alderman Kent Stelljes said he would prefer to check Red Gate’s references with the cities the firm serves, which are Plattsburg, Lawson and Holt. Further investigation into the bid breakdown, including a potential difference on the way per-ton market rate recycling is billed, may color the Board’s eventual decision. The Board decided to do this and make a final decision at its special budget meeting scheduled for 4 p.m. Dec. 26.