Platte City man charged with having sex with 16-year-old

30-year-old charged with statutory sodomy also has wife in Ohio and lives with another woman and their child

A Platte City man is facing a statutory sodomy charge for what was apparently an ongoing relationship with a young girl.

Bruce Rothrock, 30, is charged with felony statutory sodomy for several incidents of sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old girl between July and September 2013. Rothrock was arrested Monday and remains in custody at the Platte County Jail on a $50,000 cash-only bond. He faces jail time of two to seven years and possible fines. According to court documents filed by the Platte City Police Department, Rothrock started working with the victim in late 2012 and in early 2013 the relationship turned romantic. “It should be noted that at this time, Rothrock was still married to a woman who lives in Ohio and currently lived with another woman who he has a child in common with,” said Officer Michael Reilly in his report. In June, the victim sent Rothrock cell phone images of herself nude and shortly after a sexual relationship began. She recorded two of her encounters with Rothrock with her phone. In November, she told her mother about the relationship and admitted he was also giving her alcohol and marijuana. After her mother confiscated the phone and a computer, the victim removed the phone’s SIM card and cut it to destroy evidence that could be used against Rothrock. She continued her relationship with Rothrock until January, when she found out he was seeing a new woman. The Heart of America Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory was able to recover the photos and texts sent between the victim and Rothrock, who has so far before his arrest refused to cooperate with police.