The three incumbents seeking reelection to the Platte County R-3 Board of Education all won Tuesday. Current Board President Sharon Sherwood was the leading vote getter, followed by Julie Vanover, and Lenora Miles.  All three bested challenger Kirby Holden, an outspoken critic of the District the past few years. Holden’s campaign included a massive blitz of direct mail pieces and automated phone calls to patrons that suggested the District was misleading its patrons and failing to adequately educate them in some areas. Sherwood said Tuesday night that she thought voters had made a clear statement. “Our voters are very well informed,” she said. “I think the vote today means our patrons trust us and that they don’t believe the negativity that has been portrayed. They don’t buy into hearing facts that are distorted and twisted.” Sherwood said she was happy her fellow incumbent Board members joined her in reelection. “I truly appreciate the voters of this District entrusting us with another three years,” she said. “I’m delighted our team is able to stay together so we can continue to get better being us. That has been a saying of ours — getting better being us and not trying to be like any other school district.” In an R-3 BOE election preview published in last week’s Citizen, all three incumbents agreed that managing student population growth was a pressing issue that needs to be resolved. A tax levy increase measure District officials say is needed to build a new school and additional classroom space at other District buildings was defeated in 2012. The District decided to forego placing the issue on the ballot again this year and has stated it will likely do so in 2015. “I think our voters support what they have and hopefully they will have trust in us as we move forward with the levy issue,” she said. “As always, we are available and urge our patrons to contact us with any concerns.” Final vote totals, primarily from Platte County but with a small amount from patrons who live in Clay County were: Sherwood, 974 (32 Clay County); Vanover, 936 (29 Clay County); Miles, 808 (19 Clay County); and Holden, 767 (26 Clay County). Percentage of R-3 registered voters who cast their ballots was 11.5 percent.