Weston official says City needs to consider ‘path’

One Weston Alderman wants the City to think about its path forward now that the election is over. Joyce Burch, who was unopposed for her Ward 2 seat, said she wished to become more involved with the Weston economic development committee. Jeff Elsea of the committee was not present at the meeting to make a report, but Burch wondered if meetings could be rescheduled from early mornings to evenings to encourage participation. “We need to divine how we want to economically develop the City,” Burch said. “Do we want to promote retail only, or do we want to consider light industrial – I have mentioned perhaps a nursing home before. There are new members on the school board now, and maybe it’s time we form a group to decide our future course.” Ron Rowe, who was recently re-elected to the West Platte Board of Education, discussed economic development during his campaign and contacted Mayor CR Carter about how best to approach such development. Board members doubted if the formation of yet another committee would be beneficial, and suggested they consider bringing the suggestions to the existing economic development committee. City Clerk Kim Kirby noted the economic development committee was not a City committee and was therefore not subject to open meeting law requirements. Burch said she would like to see more participation from youth and seniors and various other stakeholders. “We’ve got the momentum going right now so we should do something with it and not just talk about it,” Burch said. The end of the election season hasn’t brought a reorganization to Weston’s Board — yet. While most area municipalities, districts and boards of education are moving ahead with swearing in new members, the City of Weston has opted to wait until May. According to City Clerk Kim Kirby, until the Platte County Board of Elections certifies the election results, the City cannot write an ordinance approving the election of Bill Baker to Patrick Farnan’s Ward 1 seat. The Board of Elections was scheduled to meet Tuesday evening, according to Director Wendy Flanigan. The Board of Elections has 14 days from the election to certify election results, she said, but many entities have chosen to go ahead with swearing in new Board members based on their own guidelines. Kirby said the Board plans to swear in Baker at the regular meeting in May as their city attorney could locate no municipal ordinance prohibiting such.