Civic Center tours planned

Those interested can take a tour of Platte City’s Civic Center this weekend to see for themselves the conditions of the building located at 900 Fourth Street.Formerly part of Platte City High School and more recently home of the Platte City Police Department, a portion of the Civic Center — the east wing of the building — recently was deemed unsalvageable in a comprehensive study completed to provide options for improving the city’s main facilities. The Platte City Board of Aldermen accepted the report given from Shive Hattery — a Des Moines, Iowa architectural and engineering firm — at last month’s meeting. City Administrator DJ Gehrt wants to seek a private sector business to renovate and repurpose the Civic Center, wary of spending more public money on the building’s upkeep. The tours will run from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 19. The police department operated inside the building until May 2013 before failure of structural floor supports and elevated radon levels forced its relocation onto Main Street. “Several residents have recently asked me about the interior condition of the building,” Mayor Frank Offutt said, “especially the condition of the former police station (the east wing) and the central three story section of the building. Although we can put pictures out on the website, this tour allows residents the chance to see for themselves.” Gehrt said a private sector investor with a revenue source and access to tax credits for renovation could be an option to keep the building viable.

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