Police vehicles to receive new dash cameras

The Riverside Board of Aldermen approved a new in-car video system for all police cars during last week’s meeting at Riverside City Hall.The purchase includes 11 new cameras, new software for the videos to be reviewed and a new server for storage of the video files. The current system in use was installed in 2007 from L3 systems. The new cameras come from the same company. The 11 cameras will be installed in each of the city’s eight police cars as well as the three Riverside Fire Department vehicles. The city received a second bid from another company, but their system was incompatible with the system in place and would be $15,000 more expensive with installation fees. The L3 system is also in place in the department’s interview rooms, and those were not up for replacement. The continued use of L3 equipment also keeps from needing to operate two separate systems. The city also purchased a 2013 Buick Enclave for general use for $29,900. The vehicle comes to the city with 33,000 miles on the odometer. The current general use vehicle was purchased in 2007 and is shared between all city staff.

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