Riverside plans to give more attention to seat belt violations

Drivers in Riverside, Mo. will need to buckle up if they want to avoid getting stopped for a seatbelt violation.

The Riverside Board of Alderman approved a change to the city ordinance to allow officers to pull over drivers who are not wearing their seatbelt during its Sept. 2 regular meeting. The change, which took effect immediately, makes the non-use of a seatbelt a primary violation, meaning a driver can be stopped for not buckling up without violating any other traffic law. The aldermen revised the ordinance on file to remove the words “non-compliance with this subsection shall not constitute probable cause for violation of any other provisions or law,” and “No person shall be detained solely to determine compliance with this (seatbelt ordinance).” The change also writes in that no points will be levied against a person’s driver’s license for the violation. Riverside became the latest city to make the non-use of seatbelts a primary violation after a similar statewide measure was defeated on the Missouri House of Representatives floor during the General Assembly this past spring. Currently, adults aged 16 and older can receive a $10 ticket for not wearing a seatbelt if pulled over for another violation in Missouri jurisdictions without a primary violation specification. There are separate child restraint laws. The Alderman also passed the final plat of land for the Argo Innovation Park after the easement issue was cleared at the previous meeting. The business can now build on adjacent lot previously held up by a city right-of-way claim. Riverside chose to rescind that in late August, citing a lack of need for a roadway there in the future due to recent construction of Horizons Parkway providing the needed access. The board also approved a Riverside Police hire for an officer at $44,500 per year salary and a $14,500 contract with Olsson Associates for the design of a new water system along the Horizons Parkway area.