Edgerton Chamber officials urge public to volunteer to work polls

The Edgerton Chamber of Commerce has decided to take action in an attempt to reopen its local polling location. Applications for potential workers can be picked up at Edgerton City Hall or printed off at the Platte County Board of Elections website. Rick Roan — Edgerton Chamber of Commerce president — noted in a monthly newsletter that the job could involve up to 16 hours of work in one day with completion of a 4-hour training class.

According to Missouri statute, a minimum of two Democrats and two Republicans are required to staff each polling site on election days.

Recently, the Platte County Board of Elections announced consolidation of several voting precincts prior to the November general election. Edgerton residents were assigned to vote at the Dearborn Methodist Church at 106 S. June St., and Ridgely and Shiloh residents went in Hoover at the Hoover Christian Church located at 15180 Highway B.

The moves were made in response to dwindling numbers of poll volunteers in those areas.

Several workers have retired, and with no one to replace them, the Platte County Board of Elections took the necessary action. The move rankled locals, but not enough time existed to make a change for November.

“If you don’t have people, there’s nothing you can do,” Board of Elections director Wendy Flanigan said in August. “We have to follow the law.”

The Edgerton Chamber of Commerce also installed Stephanie Wilcoxson as vice president during its November meeting. A long-time area resident, Wilcoxson graduated from North Platte, and she replaces Amanda Clancy-Blunt, who resigned her position after moving for a new job located outside of Edgerton.