Parkville makes changes to city liquor code

PARKVILLE, Mo. — A move by the Parkville Board of Aldermen will allow SD Strong Distilling to expand its offerings after unanimous approval an amendment to city code. The change allows Strong Distilling to obtain a limited liquor by the drink license and adding that category to the city code. The amendment passed during the board’s regular meeting, held Tuesday, Dec. 16 at Parkville City Hall.

According to Parkville city clerk Melissa McChesney, the city received a request in November from Steve Strong of SD Strong Distilling for a liquor license to sell his company’s product by the drink on the premises following a tour or for a tasting. However, city code had no categories that would allow for the liquor license being requested. McChesney said she worked with the Missouri Department of Public Safety, Alcohol and Tobacco and determined that Strong Distilling could sell intoxicating liquor by the drink at retail price for consumption on the premises, so long as it was within close proximity to the distillery itself.

The meeting was the last for outgoing alderman Kendall Welch, who voiced concerns that her friendship with Strong may pose a conflict of interest.

“Well, I think if we’re going on the basis of friendship, a lot of us up here would have a problem voting,” Parkville mayor Nan Johnston said.

Parkville city attorney Steve Chin said friendship was no cause for concern. Only if Welch or other aldermen held a financial interest in Strong Distilling would their vote cause a problem.

With a new category of liquor license now on the city’s books, McChesney also addressed several other housekeeping items, asking the board to set fees for fingerprinting, dog licensing, business licensing and liquor licensing in a schedule of fees. Increases were approved at the Dec. 2 meeting along with the 2015 municipal budget.

Dog license fees increased from $5 to $10 for neutered pets, and from $10 to $15 for those not neutered. Business licensing fees went from $40 to $50 per year. General contractor business licensing fees increased from $56 to $75 per year.

The board also held a special recognition ceremony for Welch, who is moving out of state. Welch was presented with a commemorative plaque and photos while Johnston thanked longtime friend and colleague Welch for her service.

Alderman Marc Sportsman commended Welch for her efforts to make Parkville a more environmentally friendly community.

“In 15 years on the board, I’ve never seen anyone who will leave more of a footprint on the city than you have,” he said.

The city is still accepting resumes from those interested in serving as Ward 3 alderman in Welch’s stead. Three applicants have submitted letters of interest. — Doug Wylie, Robert Lock and Steven Dillman.

After a review of the candidates, the board of aldermen will vote to confirm an appointment to Welch’s post until the next municipal election when the term expires in April of 2015.