Police seek accomplice in violent Platte City robbery

Authorities are seeking the woman interviewed for her role in a violent robbery that occurred in Platte City on Sunday, Jan. 25. The Platte County Sheriff’s Office eventually released Alicia Reynolds, 19, but later charged her with felony forgery and misdemeanor possession of a prohibited item at a county jail. She originally identified herself to police as Rosalia Ramon and signed all of her processing information with that name.

Eventually, Reynolds’ identity was determined, and she was found to have a cell phone in her vagina when searched.

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office have an active warrant out for Reynolds, who has a home address listed in Omaha, Neb. according to court documents.

Reynolds faces up to 11 years on the charges.

Two men from out of state remain in custody at the Platte County Detention Center, charged for their roles in a robbery that occurred late at night and started with a ride from Casey’s General Store in Platte City. Trea Ouellette, 22, and Laverne Reffitt, 21, face multiple felonies after they allegedly beat and robbed a victim, stealing about $300 in a failed carjacking.

Originally, Platte City police officers responded at about 11:30 p.m. to Casey’s in regard to a suspicious vehicle. They located a black Oldsmobile backed into Muller Mechanical — located next to the convenience store.

Employees at Casey’s said two black males, later identified as Ouellette and Reffitt, and an unknown female were in the store and possibly stealing items. Eventually, the two males left in a white Toyota Avalon, while the female exited the parking lot in the black Oldsmobile observed at the adjacent business.

Upon making contact with the female, still inside the parked car, she verbally identified herself as Rosalia Roman, later identified as Reynolds. While talking with her, the officers received a domestic disturbance call and were dispatched to 1126 2nd Street. They arrived and determined the call to be an armed robbery and attempted car theft involving Ouellette and Reffitt, who both have out-of-state addresses as well.

After a search of the area, a Platte County Sherrif’s Office sergeant located Ouellette and Reffitt near Paxton Street.

While the two males declined to speak with authorities, Reynolds said they had come to Kansas City for a rave party and were attempting a ‘gas and go’ to return home. However, authorities noted in a probable cause statement that they observed the three suspects earlier in the evening at another Platte City convenience store, and Reynolds admitted they had been stealing items from other area stores “after leaving the party.”

Ouellette and Reffitt each face a felony charge of armed robbery, while Reffitt was determined to have various drugs on him at processing which resulted in a felony drug possession charge.