Charges filed in Weston bar fight that started with dog on pool table

Charges were filed late last week against a 48-year-old man stemming from a October, 2014 fight at a Weston, Mo. bar over a dog on a pool table. Dennis Pospisil of Weston faces two misdemeanor charges of assault after he allegedly scuffled with three other patrons at The Bunkhouse on the night of Oct. 14. According to a probable cause statement, Mark Jess told authorities that he asked Pospisil to take his dog off the pool table when the suspect punched him in the head unprovoked.

Shane Hart, another patron, said he tried to break the fight up when Pospisil knocked him out with a punch to the head.

Shaun Stock, the fourth man to get involved in the altercation, attempted to pry Pospisil off of Hart, according to his statement. According to the documents, Stock suffered a bite to his right arm — from Pospisil, not the dog.

Weston Police Department officers responded to the scene and stopped Pospisil in a red Jeep Cherokee on nearby Highway P. He admitted to being involved in the fight and confirmed the bizarre reasoning behind it before being transported back to The Bunkhouse while authorities gathered statements from other witnesses and documented the injuries to Jess, Hart and Stock.