Parkville man busted for selling drugs

A man who admitted to selling marijuana at his residence within “(expletive), 10 to 20 feet” of Watkins Park in downtown Parkville, Mo. faces a felony drug charge in Platte County.TerrellWebbMugRGBAccording to court documents, the Platte County Multi-Jurisdictional Enforcement Group (PCMEG) Drug Task Force set up surveillance on Thursday, June 4 on a house located on West 10th Street where Parkville Police Department believed narcotic sales were occurring. Two different vehicles were seen pulling up to the house with the drivers going to the door for short periods of time, according to a probable causestatement. Both vehicles were later stopped for traffic violations. The female driver of the first car was found in possession of a smoking pipe containing residue. The male driver of the second car was found with a small clear plastic bag containing suspected marijuana, which officers had observed him shoving into his pants after what they believed to be a “hand-to-hand narcotic transaction” at the residence.

Later that night, a female left the house along with a man identified as Terrance Webb, 28, and entered her car parked out front. Both were carrying backpacks as they exited the residence, the probable cause statement said.

The vehicle was later stopped, and Webb, listed as the resident at the house on 10th street, was seen throwing two bags of suspected marijuana out of the car. They were later recovered, and a search of Webb’s residence revealed a grinder containing marijuana residue, digital scales and clear baggies. He also was found in possession of $826, located in his pants pocket.

Under questioning, Webb admitted to selling marijuana that day at his house, located just more than 1,000 feet from the campus of Park University, that day and said he was on his way to sell more when the car was stopped. He remains in custody at the Platte County Detention Center on a $10,000 cash-only bond on a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.