Kansas City woman charged with assaulting officer at DWI checkpoint

A 49-year-old passenger in a car stopped at a DWI checkpoint last week became verbally and then physically abusive toward a Platte County Sheriff’s Department deputy, leading to her arrest.On Saturday, June 27, the Platte County Prosecutor’s Office filed misdemeanor charges of assaulting a law enforcement officer and resisting a lawful detention against Joy Murphy of Kansas City, Mo. She posted a $2,500 cash bond and was released from the Platte County Detention Center. Joy Murphy

According to court documents, a DWI checkpoint occurred on Friday, June 26 at Highway AA and Interstate 29 near Northmoor, Mo.

Passengers in vehicles with drivers suspected of DWI were moved to a nearby parking lot, and the deputy who ended up assaulted escorted Murphy and two other passengers to that site. Murphy told the deputy, “This whole (expletive) thing is (expletive).”

The deputy walked away from the scene, only to have Murphy say, “I hope you get caught drinking and driving and your own department catches you and kicks your teeth out.” She later added, “(Expletive you),” before another passenger asked her to stop.

At that time, she responded, “(Expletive) you.” The deputy turned around and observed Murphy slapping the man in the face.

Due to the physical assault, the deputy returned to Murphy and attempted to put her hands behind her back in an attempt to detain her. However, she pulled away and then slapped the deputy in the face with both hands, according to a probable cause statement.

The deputy again attempted to handcuff Murphy and even used “two knee strikes” toward her leg in an attempt to gain control of her. She escaped, leading the deputy to draw his Taser and order Murphy to put her arms behind her back.

According to the documents, Murphy leaned on a nearby vehicle, crossed her arms and ignored the commands.

Eventually, a backup officer arrived and helped to force Murphy’s hands behind her back. She was arrested at that time.