Man uses knife in robbery attempts at Shops at Boardwalk

A Kansas City, Mo. man allegedly attempted to rob two different victims at knife point in a Shops at Boardwalk parking lot last week. According to a probable cause statement filed Friday, July 24, James Morgan, 28, approached two females at separate vehicles while displaying a knife. Neither was hurt, and both later identified Morgan as the perpetrator. Still at the scene, law enforcement apprehended him, and he later admitted in an interview that he planned to steal the cars, using the knife to intimidate them.

Although no one was hurt, Morgan stated that he planned to take the victims with him and release them at a later time.

Morgan first approached a 2014 Ford Focus with the potential victim already inside the vehicle. He found the passenger door locked but walked around to the driver’s side and managed to open the door. A struggle for control of the door ensued with the female able to finally close and lock the door.

Approaching the second car, Morgan found a potential victim putting bags into a 2004 Ford F-150. She noticed him and ran into her truck but was unable to completely close the door because her purse got in the way. She eventually closed and locked the door with authorities arriving shortly after.

Morgan is charged with one felony count of attempted robbery.