Man found asleep at wheel charged as repeat DWI offender

A Liberty, Mo. man allegedly fell asleep in the driver’s seat of a still-running GMC Yukon in April, crashing the vehicle into a car parked at an apartment complex. According to court documents, Bob Savier, 27, stands charged with felony DWI as an aggravated offender following his arrest earlier this year. The charge was filed last week.

On the morning of Saturday, April 28, the owner of Jeep Grand Cherokee found Savier’s Yukon up against her vehicle. She said the Yukon had been parked nearby a few hours earlier.

Upon making contact with Savier, officers noted that the Yukon, which was in gear, was partially in the grass and partially in the roadway, still in contact with the jeep. He was asleep in the driver’s seat with “his head leaning against the window and snoring with his mouth wide open. It took officers about five minutes to wake Savier up, according to a probable cause statement.

Savier showed signs of intoxication, and he was arrested due to a revoked driver’s license.

Under questioning, Savier admitted to operating the vehicle while under the affects of alcohol. He has three prior DWI convictions — two in Hawaii and one in Clay County, Mo.