Platte City mayor makes World Series wager with New York city

It’s a bet. Platte City mayor Frank Offutt and the Platte City Board of Aldermen have decided to mark the Kansas City Royals second World Series appearance in a row by entering into a friendly wager with the supervisor Ed Romaine and the Brookhaven (N.Y.) Town Board. Brookhaven is a township with a population of more than 500,000 residents on northern Long Island, approximately 50 miles from the National League champion New York Mets home at CitiField.

The wager from Platte City provides a taste of Kansas City including a case of Boulevard Beer, a sample of BBQ meats including baby back ribs, beef ribs, burnt ends and brisket and an assortment of BBQ sauces from Joe’s Kansas City, Arthur Bryant’s, Gates BBQ, KC Masterpiece and the Jack Stack plus T-shirts from Stroud’s Chicken and the Platte City Pool Hall.

In return, Brookhaven is offering a case of Blue Point Toasted Lager, an assortment of Long Island oysters and clams, several bottles of Long Island wines and a T-shirt from William Floyd High School. In addition to being the home of the Brookhaven National Laboratory and Stony Brook University, Brookhaven is also the hometown of Mets starting pitcher Steven Matz.

Romaine said in a statement: “Brookhaven Town is proud to have one of our own homegrown stars in the World Series. It’s been awhile since the Mets appeared in the World Series, and I can feel the excitement wherever I go. It’s fun to have a friendly wager going, but when it comes to the World Series, it’s, ‘Let’s go Mets’ all the way.”

Said Offutt, “We are glad to enter into the spirit of the World Series with a friendly competition between our two communities. Platte City appreciates the opportunity to welcome the Mets and their fans to the Kansas City area. We expect that they will enjoy the great food and hospitality of the Midwest, although we also hope they do not experience the thrill of victory.”