Raiders jersey helps identify suspect in liquor theft cases

A 72-year-old Kansas City, Mo. man is accused of stealing liquor from two area grocery stores. The items taken in the crimes that occurred in late August total more than $800 and resulted in a felony theft charge this past week. According to court documents, William Moore was identified because he wore the same Kenny Stabler Oakland Raiders’ football jersey during the commission of the crimes. The first incident occurred on Aug. 29 when a manager at Hen House Market on North Chatham Avenue in southern Platte County noticed two bottles of liquor missing.

The next day, a review of security footage observed an older black male in the Raiders’ jersey taking the missing bottles. That same day, the suspect returned and stole nearly $300 worth of liquor, and the footage showed the same suspect.

On Sept. 5, the same suspect in the same jersey returned to the store and asked a manager for the vodka section. The manager observed the male tuck three bottle of alcohol under the Raiders jersey and leave the store. He was stopped, and the Kansas City (Mo.) Police Department responded to the scene and arrested Moore on suspicion of stealing $478.37 worth of liquor in the three incidents.

During the investigation, detecetives determined that a suspect with the same clothing also stole $337.86 worth of liquor from the nearby Hy-Vee, located on NW 64th Street. The suspect, believed to be Moore, entered the store twice that night and left without paying for the items.

Under interrogation, Moore admitted to stealing the liquor from both stores in order to trade it for drugs. The Platte County Sheriff’s Department currently has an active warrant out for his arrest.