Parkville man in custody, charged with sodomy after date set up online

Authorities booked a Parkville, Mo. man into custody late last week on a felony charge of sodomy stemming from events that allegedly occurred during a date in December of 2014. According to a probable cause statement, the alleged victim met Jeremy Day, 32, using an online dating site and agreed to meet him for a second date at his residence. She claims they went to dinner and later consumed alcohol together at his house.

Jeremy Day

The alleged victim decided not to drive home to Lee’s Summit, Mo. and agreed to stay at Day’s place but only after making it clear she did not want to have sex.

Day decided to sleep on the couch but allegedly went to his bedroom shortly after the pair had decided to go to sleep. He allegedly began kissing the victim before pulling down her pants and underwear, forcibly rolling on top of her and pinning her to the bed.

According to her statement, the victim said she was frightened because Day had told her had a concealed carry permit and displayed a gun to her during dinner. She had also seen two handguns out in the open at his residence.

Day allegedly performed various sex acts on the victim, including vaginal and later anal sex.

The victim said she repeatedly told Day to stop and that he was hurting her. After the sexual activity stopped he allegedly told her that he prefers to have sex that way because he does not have to worry about having babies and “it feels better for me,” according to the probable cause statement. The victim said there was a handgun on the nightstand next to the bed, and due to fear and still feeling drunk, she remained in the bed until the next morning.

According to text messages exchanged between the two, Day wanted to see the victim again, but she told him that was not a good idea because of the unwanted sex acts and injuries she sustained. A medical exam cited in the probable cause statement said the victim showed signs of vaginal and anal tearing consistent with a forcible sexual encounter.

A detective with the Platte County Sheriff’s Office conducted an interview with Day, and he admitted to having sex with the victim, eventually acknowledging the anal intercourse. He also claimed to have been very drunk with difficulty remembering the details but eventually acknowledged the victim tried to stop him when he “began to ‘play’ with her butthole,” according to the probable cause statement.

When confronted with the text messages from the alleged victim accusing him of forcible anal sex, Day at first denied any memory of that and then didn’t give a direct answer to further questioning.

More text messages from Day to the victim showed verbal abuse after she declined to speak with him. In the interview with authorities, his comments varied from “she’s an attractive girl,” “I liked her,” and “we clicked” to “she has issues,” “she’s a gold digger,” and “this girl is nuts.”

Charges against Day were filed in late October, and he has been in the Platte County Detention Center since Saturday, Nov. 14. He’s being held in lieu of a $50,000 cash-only bond.