Assault at Argosy Casino leads to felony charge

An inebriated patron from California is facing charges for assaulting a Highway Patrol officer who tried to remove him from Argosy Casino in Riverside last week.

Jin Tahk

Jin Tahk

Jin K. Tahk, 56, of Campbell, Calif., and with a local address in Overland Park, Kan., is charged with resisting arrest in the Saturday, May 18 incident. A warrant for his arrest was issued May 18 and served two days later. Tahk was held on a $5,000 bond and remained in custody as of May 20.

According to court documents, the trooper was notified of an intoxicated patron who refused to leave the casino. The trooper approached Tahk and asked him to leave. He agreed, but didn’t move. The trooper attempted to get him to leave two more times and each time the suspect agreed, but didn’t get up. When asked if he wanted to be arrested, Tahk responded “arrest me.” The officer complied and tried to cuff Tahk, who then resisted. Once handcuffed, the officer tried to get him to walk to the door, but he refused and tried to trip him.

Tahk was then placed into a wheelchair to be removed and continued to resist, kicking the trooper. When Argosy security personnel informed him he was no longer welcome on casino property he became more belligerent and used profanities, threatening to kill the trooper and casino staff. The incident was recorded on video surveillance.