Brightwell back in trouble with law for allegedly stealing ATV

A Dearborn, Mo. resident with a lengthy rap sheet in Platte County faces a pair of new felony charges in incident that occurred just months after he was released from prison for another felony crime.

According to court documents, Jayson Brightwell, 36, unlawfully entered a residence in Camden Point, Mo. by kicking in the door on Sunday, Sept. 18. He allegedly stole food, clothing and alcoholic beverages belonging to the tenant, who had previously rented the home from Brightwell’s mother but allegedly still had an agreement to keep items on the property at the time of the break-in. 

The following day, Brightwell and an unknown female allegedly stole a Kubota all-terrain vehicle from another resident in Camden Point, Mo. 

Jayson Brightwell

Jayson Brightwell

According to court documents, Brightwell drove the Kubota to the Nash Oil Company gas station in Edgerton, Mo. and struck the front of the gas station, causing approximately $500 in damages. Brightwell then drove around to the side of the gas station and struck a parked Ford Escape causing approximately $3,200 in damage. 

The owner of the Escape confronted Brightwell and told police that Brightwell appeared to be extremely intoxicated and had urinated on himself. Brightwell and the unknown woman then drove away from the gas station to a nearby house in Edgerton, Mo., according to court documents.

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office was contacted in regards to the incident.

Deputies found the stolen Kubota at the home in Edgerton, Mo. The homeowner said Brightwell had indicated the Kubota had been borrowed, and he “was drunk and hit a car.” However, deputies were unable to recover an iPod that had been in the all-terrain vehicle when it was stolen. 

The owner of the Ford Escape and the owner of the gas station did not wish to press charges after Brightwell apologized for the accident. 

Platte County detectives interviewed Brightwell who stated the home he entered on Sept. 18 was his house. According to court documents, when questioned about the Kubota, Brightwell said, “He couldn’t admit to any of that but said if something like that were to happen he would fix the stuff and take responsibility for whatever.”

According to court documents, a family member paid the $3,200 to fix the Ford Escape that was damaged in the Kubota collision. Brightwell also said he planned to talk to the owner of the gas station because it was the right thing to do. The family also promised to replace the stolen iPod.

However, the victim with the stolen Kubota opted to assist in pressing charges, which were filed in Platte County Circuit Court last week. Brightwell faces one felony count of tampering with a motor vehicle and one felony count for leaving the scene of the accident.

A warrant for Brightwell’s arrest was issued on Monday, Dec. 5.

According to court documents, Brightwell is currently awaiting a jury trial in Clay for county on charges of tampering with a motor vehicle and resisting arrest by fleeing guilty. He has also been found guilty at least twice on charges of tampering with a motor vehicle in Platte County.

This only adds to Brightwell’s extensive record. 

Brightwell pleaded guilty to a felony charge of robbery and a misdemeanor assault in July of 2015. He was ordered to serve one year in jail on the robbery charge. 

Originally, Brightwell faced three counts of second-degree sodomy and one count of attempted sodomy for a July 24, 2014 incident at the Platte County Fair. He allegedly assaulted two different females in the early morning hours, according to a probable cause statement filed at the time.

Brightwell forcibly grabbed the upper thigh and genital area of a 17-year-old girl, who pushed his hand away and yelled at him to stop. Brightwell then turned his attention to a 20-year-old female, pushing his hand into her shorts and inappropriately touching her.

According to court documents, the second alleged victim tried to run away, but Brightwell grabbed her by both arms and put her in a headlock. Brightwell then repeatedly punched the 20-year-old in the face, causing her to feel like she was going to die. 

Both alleged victims fought back, striking and biting Brightwell.

The complaint states that the physical altercation caused serious physical injuries to both female victims. Brightwell fled in a vehicle as on-duty Platte County Sheriff’s Office deputies approached the scene of the disturbance.

Authorities later apprehended Brightwell in an alley way off of Main Street between Third and Fourth Streets in downtown Platte City. 

Brightwell has a lengthy criminal history, including a 2011 conviction for animal cruelty and driving under the influence when he intentionally ran over a dog in the front yard of a Platte County home while drunk. The dog survived the incident.