Cheadle sworn in to Dearborn board of alderman

Breanna Cheadle was sworn in as the fourth member of the Dearborn Board of Alderman on Monday, May 14, a week after winning a special election to break a tie with incumbent Donald Swanstone Jr.

Before the meeting mayor Jamie Morey addressed the members of the community gathered.

“I’m kind of glad,” Morey said. “I know it cost the city $6,000, but maybe it will open the taxpayers’ eyes up now. I’m coming as a taxpayer at 507 East Second Street. I’m not coming as the mayor or assistant fire chief or a member of the (Northland Regional Ambulance District) board. We spend $6,000 a year just pumping the septic tank (at the rest area). So $6,000 on an election ain’t bad.”

After the swearing in the board approved two items on its agenda, giving the go-ahead on a new sign at the First Christian Church and approving the fireworks sales permit for Trex Mart.

After approval, the board discussed the closure of the bridge on Route Z over Bee Creek, which will cause detours to get to Interstate 29.

They also suggested an update to the city’s website to get photos of Dearborn instead of the stock photos currently up on the site and possibly creating a town logo.

“Just Main Street, the school anything that is actually Dearborn,” alderman Steve Wilson replied when asked what he would like to see. “It’s the city website, people go to it to pay their water bill and I think it should be pictures of our town.”