Corlew, Arthur vying for spot in Senate in special election

On Tuesday, June 5 State Representative Kevin Corlew, who represents southeastern Platte County, including Riverside, Northmoor, Platte Woods and Kansas City, will face Lauren Arthur in a special election to fill an unexpired senate seat for Missouri’s 17th senate district.

The 17th district represents southwestern Clay County including a portion of the Platte County R-3 School District near Barry School. Ryan Silvey, a Republican, held the seat but resigned to accept an appointment to the Missouri Public Service Commission in January.

Both Arthur and Corlew are in their second term in the General Assembly and have re-filed for re-election for their respective house seats in the August primary election.

Corlew, an attorney when not in Jefferson City, is running on the Republican ticket and Arthur, a former teacher, is the Democratic party’s pick to fill the seat.

The Missouri State Teachers Association for the NKC District has endorsed both candidates as Corlew served one term on the North Kansas City Board of Education before running for the house seat vacated by current Platte County Presiding Commissioner Ron Schieber.

“It’s a tough district,” Corlew said. “It’s a Democrat majority district, but I’m used to that. I serve in a Democrat majority house district. I’m used to working across the aisle and being an independent voice for Northland interests.”

Both tout their ability to reach across the aisle and compromise on bipartisan legislation.

Arthur had two sponsored bills pass in the latest session which wrapped up earlier this month, a special challenge given her senate candidacy and the Republican majority in both chambers of Missouri’s legislature.

Currently Democrats hold 47 seats of the 163 in the House of Representatives and nine of the 34 Senate seats.

“I’m really happy this year I was able to pass two bills,” Arthur said. “I didn’t realize a lot of work goes into passing legislation to see it go across the finish line. It’s especially hard for a member of the minority party to pass a bill, especially this year the majority party didn’t want to do me any favors because I’m running in this competitive election.”

A win for either would end their candidacy for another house term. Both Corlew and Arthur have primary challengers in the August primary election.

Arthur is the ranking Democrat on the Health and Mental Health Policy Committee and Corlew chairs the House Judiciary Committee.