Dad charged with child endangerment after 1-year-old son tests positive for meth

A father has been charged in Platte County with a misdemeanor for endangering the welfare of a child after his son tested positive for methamphetamine. 

According to court documents, Kansas City (Mo.) Police officers were dispatched to Children’s Mercy Hospital on Thursday, Aug. 4 where they made contact with the child’s mother and 32-year-old father Christopher Keedy. The mother said she was notified by the daycare provider that (the child), a one-year-old male, was vomiting and “acting strange.”

Christopher Keedy

Christopher Keedy

After not being satisfied with a diagnosis given at another health care facility, the mother brought the child to Children’s Mercy for evaluation. The child tested positive for “methamphetamines, amphetamines and Benadryl,” according to court documents.

Keedy said at the time that the child had been “crawling on the floor between chairs in the dining room/kitchen area,” and he could have swallowed something.

The story didn’t end there. On Tuesday, Aug. 23, the mother was again contacted by her child care provider who said the child was acting “weird and fussy.” The daycare worker sent a video of the child doing a repetitive motion of standing up, sitting down and “doing a circle motion,” while making a clicking sound with his tongue.

Again, the mother took the child to Children’s Mercy Hospital where again, the child tested positive for methamphetamines and Benadryl. The child’s twin sister also tested positive for Benadryl but negative for methamphetamines. 

Detectives contacted Keedy at police headquarters where he allegedly said he assumed the child got one of his mom’s pills from the floor and that he again had been crawling around under the tables and chairs. 

Keedy has a history of using methamphetamine, according to court documents and that he had relapsed earlier in the year, according to court documents. He told authorities the last time he remembered using the drug was in June of 2016 but added that he thought eight or nine months ago, some meth or a pill got dropped underneath the table and the child found and consumed it.