Dearborn Community Center to be renamed

Michael Cripe
Special to the Citizen

The renaming of the Dearborn Community Center was decided during the town’s April board of aldermen meeting.

The city of Dearborn held its monthly meeting with a few highlights, while quality of life changes were discussed in great detail.

One of the highlights was the decision, brought forth by new member Cory Hott, to rename the community center after Navy veteran Robert S. Bryan. Hott was sworn in toward the beginning of the meeting and participated throughout. After the renaming was unanimously voted on, meeting attendees erupted in applause.

“I thought it was the least we could do to honor the volunteerism that Bob Bryan had to the city and the community center,” said Hott, who has known Bryan since he was a baby. “He spent time as an alderman, worked at North Platte school as a janitor, helped with the Community Food Network and was always involved in community projects to main the parks and community center.”

In a unique twist, Hott won the spot vacated by the death of Bryan last year.

Hott noted Bryan was always working at the community center, whether it was cleaning up, waxing the floor, various maintenance requirements, booking the center or even coming down to unlock the door.

The date for the change on the sign for the Robert S. ‘Bob’ Bryan Community Center is unknown but it should be completed after the May meeting.

Dog upkeep and increased efforts to provide focus on upcoming events were two issues brought up by Dearborn residents.

A reminder will be posted soon as a warning against burning trash. The burning of typical household waste has been an issue as of late, and a reminder will serve as a means to cut back on these occurrences.


  • The Dearborn Cleanup Day will be Saturday, May 11.

  • A building permit was approved for Alvin Alexander, at 611 E. Third Street, to construct two garages.

  • A salary survey for operators was approved with a cap cost of $100.

  • Aldermen Steve Wilson is looking into getting a sound system or public address system for city hall and the community center with hopes of keeping the cost at $450.