DeValkenaere announces retirement from Platte City PD

Platte City announced the impending retirement of detective Lt. Albert DeValkenaere after 10 years of service in the city.

The news release issued from the city arrived on Wednesday, Jan. 16, less than 12 hours after the board of aldermen voted to eliminate his position.

DeValkenaere, the second highest-ranking employee at the Platte City Police Department, is the second to retire from the police department in the past few months. Police Chief Carl Mitchell announced his retirement in November.

DeValkenaere’s final day will be Jan. 23.

He and Mitchell were both ‘temporarily reassigned’ to work in other city departments in September as an investigation was started to look at the cultural.

report noted multiple officers have reported new or continued concerns to elected officials. Some officers showed up the council meeting in late August to discuss issues, but an agreement was made to have the city attorney to handle the situation. The two highest ranking Platte City officers were reassigned to eliminate any perception of involvement or influence, city administrator DJ Gehrt said at the time. No wrongdoing was found after a report was issued to the board of aldermen.

DeValkenaere served more than 35 years in law enforcement, serving 21 years in various positions with the Kansas City (Mo.) Police Department. He retired as a master detective in 2008. He joined as detective sergeant with the PCPD in 2009. He was promoted to the rank of lieutenant in 2011.

The press release noted the DeValkenaere is eligible to participate in the city’s reduction in force policy.