Ferrelview chairwoman charged with assault

The small central Platte County community of Ferrelview has a way of getting headlines across the Kansas City metro area for a variety of reasons — attempted murder, rape, police department suspensions and some general unrest leading to a state audit.

The circus-like atmosphere added yet another attraction — the chairwoman of the board of trustee was charged with assaulting a pregnant woman.

Theresa L. Wilson

Theresa L. Wilson

On Thursday, March 1, Theresa L. Wilson, 51, turned herself in at the Platte County Sheriff’s Office following a warrant out for her arrest on a misdemeanor charge of third-degree assault that occurred on or about Nov. 14, 2017 at city hall.

Wilson paid a $500 bond — which she said was paid for by her ‘supporters’ during a phone call to the paper — that day and was released. As part of her bond condition is to have no contact with ‘K.S.’ — the victim  or the victim’s address.

Wilson showed up at The Citizen office upset that her mugshot was placed on social media and later mentioned there was video evidence of the incident available that would prove her innocence.

Hours later, she advised the paper that her lawyer Dennis Rowland said the video wouldn’t be shared.

On Tuesday, March 6, Rowland confirmed he filed a motion to have the criminal charge dismissed.

An ex-parte order of protection filed by ‘K.S.’ against Wilson in December. That civil case goes to court on March 13, where Rowland will formally asked a judge to dismiss that case.

A probable cause statement showed the incident occurred at city hall, 205 Heady Avenue, on Nov. 14. Platte County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at city hall after a reporting party called to say four or five people were fighting and causing board members to be fearful for their lives.

Then-Ferrelview police chief Daniel Clayton advised everything was OK after Wilson called an end to the meeting early, cutting short the audience participation portion due to ‘unruly’ behavior and outbursts.

Later that night, three of the five board members met and suspended Clayton.

Sometime that night, Wilson allegedly assaulted ‘K.S.,’ who confronted Wilson in the hallway over claims Wilson made against her fiance. During the confrontation, Wilson walked down the hallway, shoving a three-month pregnant ‘K.S.’ multiple times according to court documents.

‘K.S.’ fell against the wall and shouted for help, which an audience member heard and placed herself between Wilson and the victim.

Wilson stated the audience member attempted to ‘falsely imprison her in the hallway’ with her body. Wilson told investigators she exchanged words with the victim but didn’t mention assaulting ‘K.S.’ or if ‘K.S.’ assaulted her.

‘K.S.’ was evaluated by ambulance staff, who transported her to a local hospital with complaints of back pain. The court documents goes on to stay that Wilson later began to harass the victim and caused issues with a lease between ‘K.S.’ and the owners/managers of Ferrelview Park.

During a text message conversation, Wilson said to look into ‘K.S.’ background and court documents show that the woman’s name she mentioned was placed on five years of probation in June 2017 for manufacturing a controlled substance in Camden County.