Florida man charged with sexual misconduct during ride to airport

A Pensacola, Fla. man faces two criminal charges in Platte County for a bizarre incident that occurred while he was riding in a car to KCI Airport.

According to court documents, Christopher Elery, 25, allegedly performed a sexual act on himself while looking at pictures of the victim’s deceased daughter on her cell phone. The woman, who was driving the man to the airport, also alleges that he sexually propositioned her before she kicked him out of the car at the airport and reported the incident.

Elery faces a felony charge of sexual abuse and a misdemeanor of sexual misconduct stemming from the January incident.

According to court documents, the victim was assigned to pick up the suspect as part of her employment. Elery needed a ride to KCI Airport for a flight to Texas with a final destination of Pensacola, Fla.

The victim said she engaged him in talk of her daughter’s suicide.

While nearing the airport on Cookingham Drive near Bern Street leading to KCI, Elery allegedly picked up the victim’s personal cell phone, located on the center console are between the driver and passenger seat, and began scrolling through pictures. She allegedly then saw Elery performing a sex act on himself while looking at pictures of her deceased daughter.

Elery complied with her request to stop, and when she pulled up to a terminal at KCI, Elery allegedly got out of the vehicle and told her, “We have an hour before my flight leaves, so why don’t we go over into a parking lot and have a little bit of fun until I have to go?”

According to court documents, the alleged victim told Elery, “That is not going to happen.” He then allegedly reached back into the car and fondled her.

The victim said she again rebuffed Elery’s actions before exiting the car and removing his luggage from the trunk. She then got back into the car and exited the airport and driving back to Excelsior Springs, Mo. to report the incident to her employer.

A formal complaint was then lodged with the KCI Airport Police Department. Elery was no longer in Missouri to be interviewed, and the Escabia County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Department in Pensacola was requested to contact him regarding the listed offense. 

The suspect would not cooperate with the Escabia County Sheriff regarding an interview, according to court documents.