Four men implicated for shooting death of man in Riverside

Four people have been connected with a January shooting in Riverside, Mo., one directly implicated in the death of 20-year-old Davon Rivera-Wright.

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson, 23, faces three felony charges, including one for voluntary manslaughter in the homicide. Three other men from Kansas City, Mo. have all been charged with one felony count each of delivery of a controlled substance and one count each in hindering prosecution associated with Rivera-Wright’s death, which occurred near an apartment complex on NW Karen Boulevard. 

Court documents detail how all four men have been involved in the investigation, leading up to charges filed earlier this week.

Riverside Police Department officers were dispatched to a call of shots fired on the afternoon of Tuesday, Jan. 3 with one victim. Upon arrival, they located Rivera-Wright, reported to be a father of two young children, and began to administer first aid.

According to court documents, the Jackson County Medical Examiner declared him dead at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds.

Officers conducted a canvass of the area after witnesses told police that they witnessed a silver vehicle fleeing the scene and an unidentified black male that was with the victim fled. Authorities set up a perimeter but did not locate the man, who may have run into the nearby woods.

In the days after the homicide, investigators were seeking information on Wilson and Leandre “Dre” Boyd. Both were interviewed at the time, and Boyd was one of the four men charged this week.

Leandre Boyd

Leandre Boyd

According to court documents, Rivera-Wright’s mother was interviewed after the homicide and told police she learned of a subject only known as “Geechie,” who was later identified as Carllee Washington. The victim and Washington, also charged this week, were friends. 

The mother called Washington and learned that he was with Rivera-Wright the day of the shooting and had fled from the crime scene, according to court documents. 

Washington told the mother that someone called him trying to buy marijuana, and he believed the person was a known associate. However, when the buyers arrived, the associate was not with them.

Washington said something went wrong with the sale, and Rivera-Wright was shot before allegedly firing his own gun back at the assailant or assailants.

On Wednesday, Jan. 4, Washington contacted police and wished to give a voluntary statement regarding his friend’s death. He told a different story to investigators about an iPhone sale, claiming he walked out of an apartment behind the victim before hearing three gunshots.

According to Washington, a silver car with tinted windows then drove off. He checked on Rivera-Wright and saw him take his last breath, before grabbing his phone and running off.
Washington then changed his story and claimed that he was actually at the car when the shooting occurred and described three black males inside. One allegedly pulled a gun instead of money to buy the phone.

According to court documents, Washington then changed his story again. His third version of events involved the sale of marijuana similar to what he told the victim’s mother.

Washington said one of the three men who responded to purchase the drugs, later identified as Boyd. When told the expected associate was not in the car, Rivera-Wright allegedly pulled a gun out of view of the car’s occupants, according to Washington.

Ronald Anderson

Ronald Anderson

In this version of events, a passenger in the car again pulled a gun and shot Rivera-Wright, this time Washington saying he was running away from the scene when he heard the gun fire.

Washington said he then returned to the scene and retrieved Rivera-Wright’s gun before going back to a nearby apartment to also collect his cell phone. The alleged gun has not been recovered at this time, according to court documents.

When Washington returned to Rivera-Wright, he retrieved the victim’s Glock 23 and fled the scene. He returned to his brother’s apartment and retrieved the victim’s cell phone from his uncle before getting a ride from his brother’s girlfriend to Kansas City, Mo. 

On Thursday, Jan. 5, a source revealed that Boyd along with Wilson and Ronald Anderson, the fourth suspect charged, and a 2008 Toyota Avalon were involved in the homicide. 

Detectives attempted to contact Anderson at his residence however no one answered the door. While conducting surveillance of the apartment, a white man — later determined to be the suspect’s attorney entered the apartment, and after a short time, he emerged with Anderson, who was taken into custody. 

According to court documents, investigators interviewed Anderson with his attorney present and at one point asked for a plea deal when pressed about who he was with the day of the homicide when attempting to purchase marijuana. He eventually admitted to having Wilson and Boyd with him in Riverside that day.

Anderson claimed he went with Wilson to buy the drugs, and when a jar of marijuana was presented, Anderson claimed shots started “out of nowhere.” 

On Friday, Jan. 6, detectives recovered two bullets from the Jackson County Medical Examiner’s office that were taken from the victim and a third bullet from Anderson’s car. The crime lab determined that all three bullets were fired from a .40-caliber firearm. 

On Saturday, Jan. 7, detectives conducted a post Miranda interview of Boyd at the Platte County Sheriff’s office. 

According to him, Anderson drove to the apartments to buy drugs. Boyd claimed that Rivera-Wright shot at Wilson first, and Wilson quickly shot back. Boyd admitted that he knew the victim wanted $450 for the marijuana, but he only had $30 on him. 

A second interview with Anderson revealed that there was an alleged dispute over the weight of the drugs. He said he found spent shell casings in his car and threw them out the car window while driving home on Interstate 435.  

In addition to the manslaughter charge, Wilson also faces a felony drug charge and a felony for hindering prosecution.

All charges were filed against the four suspects on Monday, Feb. 27, and the Platte County Sheriff’s Office issued criminal warrants for all four, as well. None were listed in custody at the Platte County Detention Center as of Tuesday’s Citizen deadline.