Homeless man charged in July incident

A Platte County warrant for the arrest of a seemingly homeless man accused of assault and resisting arrest has been issued.

William Clinkenbeard, 38, has been charged with resisting a lawful stop, leaving the scene of an accident and tampering with a vehicle. The charges were issued in July, with a $50,000 bond set, although Clinkenbeard is currently in custody in Jackson County on another charge. The incident sparking off this case started in Clay County, but he has not yet been charged in that county.

William Clinkenbeard

William Clinkenbeard

According to court documents, the story starts on Friday, July 13 with the theft of a blue Ford F150 pickup from North Kansas City. On Saturday, July 14, Kansas City police learned of a disturbance at Highway 169 at Englewood Road. The driver of that truck reportedly fired shots at another car, rammed it, then fled the scene.

The truck headed into Platte County, running red lights and entering Interstate 29. The truck traveled 90 miles per hours in a 65 mph zone on wet roads and exited at Tiffany Springs Parkway. The truck ran another red light, went through a grass median and headed east in the westbound lanes.

After nearly striking a utility pole, the truck wrecked and Clinkenbeard fled on foot until he was captured by police.

The victim of the Englewood Road assault said she had started following the truck after her friend told her the stolen truck belonged to his brother. She was on the phone with 911 when Clinkenbeard pointed a gun at her car and accelerated toward her, striking her vehicle before taking off into Platte County.