I’m not betting against the Colts this weekend

There are a few times I can go to a game and have a pretty good idea what the outcome will be.

Cody Thorn

Cody Thorn

Obviously there are times where I am wrong, but, I guess after covering games for two decades now I rely on a gut feeling.

And as I’ve gotten older and fatter, I have gotten better at it. I will admit I did think Park Hill South boys would win a title at William Jewell and they came up short in double overtime. Shameless plug here: read about how crazy that game was on page 8.

But back to the gut feeling.

I’m headed to Arrowhead on Saturday and I have zero confidence in a win.

I hate saying that but after watching the Colts play last week, I don’t see them losing.

Based on social media, I’m not alone. But given how the Colts have owned the Chiefs in the playoffs it makes sense. I still have memories of the Lin Elliott game, which many 30-somethings and up call that one of the toughest losses in team history.

And who can forget the Chiefs almost ended its playoff losing streak in 2014. The Chiefs were up by 28 in the third quarter and lost in Indianapolis.

The Colts are 4-0 in playoff games vs. KC.

Indianapolis showcased a strong offense and defense in the win vs. the Texans. I have confidence in the Chiefs offense but we all know the defense and the inability to get critical stops lately. The Seahawks and Chargers took full advantage of one of the worst secondaries in the NFL.

Andrew Luck could have a field day but I think Patrick Mahomes will keep the team in the game.

He has all year but the defense will be what costs this team. As a fan, I hope I’m wrong. As a writer, I hope I can eat my words here next week but being a realist I can see a lot of angry fans around 7 p.m. on Saturday when the game is over.

Wall talk

The long talked about border wall has made as much progress as the KCI Airport new terminal.

As many know the government shutdown is now into week three. The impact of not getting paid had a Kansas City woman start a GoFundMe page to pay her rent. KCTV5 had that story on Monday and it shows the fighting between politicians is having a local impact.

I’m not sure what the right answer is. A GoFundMe Page was created to raise money for the wall and got millions of dollars. But on the flip side, GoFundMe pages were made to pay for shovels and ladders to get over or under any proposed wall.

I think the part that rubs me wrong about this the fact that President Trump said last Friday he talked to past presidents and stated they told him they wish they would’ve built a wall. By Monday, all of the living presidents denied — themselves or through spokesmen — telling Trump anything along those lines. The only one that couldn’t be verified was the late George H.W. Bush. A spokesman declined comment to The Washington Post, just saying it was too soon to be ‘dragged into such debates.’

Tech Talk

I ran across a story on Facebook about Nick Herbert, a father in the United Kingdom, that invented ReplayASAP mobile app. The premise is the app takes over the screen and triggers an alarm that sounds until a text message is read.

No other programs on the phone will work until the message is answered.

How awesome would that be, I thought to myself. I need to get that for my daughter, who is always on her phone when I’m around but when she isn’t around she seems to forget how to check her phone.

The app even works on silent and will notify parents if the child deletes the app. It sounded perfect until I kept reading.

But, alas, it is only for Androids and not Apple phones.

*Shakes fists in the air*