Inmate allegedly assaults deputy in argument over breakfast

An inmate allegedly assaulted an officer last month at the Platte County Detention Center after an argument over breakfast.

According to court documents, inmate Bradley Ise, 42, who is Jewish, took offense to how his Kosher meal was packaged, accusing the servers of handling his food with the same gloves as non-Kosher meals in an abuse of his religious rights. He allegedly began to argue with officers, who ordered him to sit and eat.

Bradley Ise

Bradley Ise

Ise allegedly continued the argument and then refused to follow instructions to lock down his cell.

According to court documents, an officer approached Ise and walked him to his cell with his pepper spray in hand. As they entered the cell, Ise allegedly hit the pepper spray out of the officer’s hand and also caused his uniform body camera to fall off. 

The officer was able to recover the pepper spray and camera and leave the cell without any further incident, according to his statement.

Ise believed the deputy overstepped his authority and assaulted him by pushing him to his cell. Ise also denied knocking the pepper spray out of the officer’s hand, and said if he wanted to hurt the officer, he would have while the officer was picking up his spray and camera. 

The body camera did not show the incident. However, the overhead camera in the cell and showed the moment when the deputy claims Ise knocked the pepper spray out of his hand. 

Ise said the footage showed the deputy raising his fist to punch him. According to court documents, the deputy said it showed the moment the inmate reached back and struck him.

Still in custody at the Platte County Detention Center, Ise faces a third-degree misdemeanor charge of assaulting a law enforcement officer. He’s currently serving a sentence for leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident and driving on a revoked or suspended driver’s license.