Johnston an easy winner to retain mayoral post in Parkville

An incumbent mayor and two new aldermen were elected in Parkville.

Nan Johnston retaining her mayoral seat against challenger Nick Casale, receiving 70 percent of the vote to Casale’s 29 percent. There were three write-in votes. 

Nan Johnston

Nan Johnston

In Ward 1, Tina Welch won with 56 percent of the vote against Terry Brown (28 percent) and Dave Baker (14 percent). In Ward 3, Robert Lock won with 73 percent of the vote to Kevin McDonald’s 26 percent. 

Ward 2 alderman Dave Rittman, Ward 4 alderman Marc Sportsman and municipal judge Kevin Humiston were unopposed for their seats. 

Johnston, 55, is from Parkville and served as Ward 4 alderman for six years before she was elected to the mayor’s seat in 2014. She is owner of McManus Direct and has an adult daughter. 

During her time as alderman, she led the two-year Parkville Plan for Progress, a economic development plan, which also led to the creation of the Parkville Economic Development Council. She is concerned about the failed Neighborhood Improvement Districts (NIDs) and the payments the city is making to cover the debts, though she feels the city is on the right track for handling the problem. 

During her campaign, Johnston said she was optimistic about the future development of those properties now that the city is working to obtain ownership through judicial foreclosure. She also considers the Highway 9 corridor as a top priority with applications for grant funding now under way. 

“My term as an elected official serving the residents of Parkville has been the most satisfying experience in my professional life,” Johnston said. “I have a true passion for
public service and enjoy planning for the future of Parkville. I am proud to be mayor of Parkville and truly like the people who live here. In addition, there are a number of projects in the planning stages, and I would like to see them through to completion.”

Lock, 60, is originally from Jefferson City, Mo. Married, he has two adult children and works as a certified public accountant. After a turn at the state auditor’s office, he has helped run his own accounting firm for almost 30 years. The firm audits governmental and non-profit organizations, all the way to the federal level. He served on the board last year as a temporary appointee and has also served on the Parkville Planning and Zoning Commission.

Welch did not respond to The Citizen’s election questionnaire.