Kansas City man facing 8 charges, including shooting a service dog

A Kansas City man is facing eight charges after an incident that occurred late last month at Motel 6 located at 8230 NW Prairie View Road in Platte County.

Mardrecuis D. Williams, 25, is currently in custody at the Platte County Detention Center in Platte City.

Mardrecuis D. Williams

Mardrecuis D. Williams

He appeared in court on Tuesday, March 12 for a bond reduction hearing, but the motion was denied. He is currently in custody with a $35,000 cash only bond.

He is set to return to court and Judge W. Ann Hansbrough on Tuesday, April 2.

Williams is facing three felony second-degree assault, three felony armed criminal action and two misdemeanors: trespassing and intentionally/recklessly causing injury/death to a service dog.

A felony unlawful use of a weapon was dropped from the initial charges.

The incident first started on Tuesday, Feb. 26 at the hotel located near NW Barry Road. Kansas City (Mo.) Police Department officers responded to a complaint of a disturbance between Williams and another guest. The hotel asked both to leave the property and not return.

The victim advised Williams returned two times throughout the night, knocking on the door and threatening to kill them, according to court documents.

He admitted to returning, but only said ‘hey’ when he knocked.

At 11:05 a.m. on Feb. 27, officers responded back after a call about a service dog — a 3-year old border collie — getting shot at the same location.

Williams and another suspects returned to the hotel at 11 a.m., hiding behind a dumpster.

Williams drew a handgun when two of the victims exited the room and went to a vehicle.

Williams struck one of the victims with the gun and when he fell to the ground, Williams started kicking the victim. When attacked by another victim, Williams shot the dog and then began to repeatedly strike another victim with a gun.

One victim was transported to a local hospital with a broken nose and fractured tooth, while another had bruising and swelling.

The third victim saw her dog was bleeding and had a severe injury, carrying it to the hotel lobby.

The owner of the dog told Williams about the service animal the night prior and what it was trained to do. The dog is registered with Assistance Dogs of America.

Surgery was performed on the dog to repair a gunshot wound to the left side that damaged the intestines and a ruptured spleen.

Williams was later taken into custody at St. Luke’s North where he went and approached one of the three victims from the incident.

Court documents show he told one of the victims, “Man, I’m sorry. That wasn’t me. No hard feelings.”