Kansas City man violently attacks wife, calls brother to help 'dispose of her body'

A woman ended up in a local hospital after an allegedly violent domestic dispute occurred Tuesday, Oct. 4 in Kansas City, Mo. 

According to court documents, Kansas City (Mo.) Police Department officers responded to a call and met a witness at Old Stagecoach Road and Green Hills Road. He then took authorities to his brother’s house on North Adrian Place, not far away in central Platte County.

Michael Hicks

Michael Hicks

Upon arrival, officers heard a woman screaming for help. They approached the home and opened the front door, observing 45-year-old Michael E. Hicks walking down the stairs toward the front door. 

The victim said she had an argument in the bedroom before Hicks became angry and started saying, “I’m going to kill you,” according to her statement. 

Hicks allegedly grabbed a handgun and began to strike her “10 to 15 times in the face and head” before he put his hand over her mouth and nose until she went unconscious. Then Hicks proceeded to put a rope around the victim’s neck and began to choke her, according to her statement.

The victim said Hicks tied her hands behind her back with shoe laces so she could not get away. 

Hicks then allegedly kicked the victim down two flights of stairs before pulling her back up the stairs by her hair. According to her statement, the victim did not remember everything because she was in and out of consciousness during the attack, but she said that Hicks called his brother to “come help him dispose of her body.” 

According to the victim, Hicks told her he was going to take her to the river and dump her body in it. 

Hicks’ brother drove to the residence where he observed the victim lying on the bedroom floor with blood on her face. Hicks told his brother that the victim had attacked him. 

Hicks’ brother told police that Hicks and the victim fight all the time and both use methamphetamine. The brother then left the residence and called police where they met up with him at Green Hills. 

Officers observed the victim covered in blood and she said that her whole body was hurting. The victim was taken to a local hospital by ambulance for her injuries, which included bruising to her stomach, ribs and back; a long scratch on her neck; and a laceration to her forehead as well as ligature marks on both wrists. 

KCPD officers found blood on the bedroom floor, a knife on the dresser that appeared to have cloth fibers on the cutting edge, as well as a handgun next to the bed lying on the floor.

Hicks was arrested and transported to the Jackson County Jail for questioning where he was advised of his Miranda Rights where he agreed to talk to detectives. He’s currently being held in the Platte County Detention Center in lieu of a $150,000 cash-only bond, charged with felonies for armed criminal action, first degree domestic assault and unlawful use of a weapon.