KC man charged with assaulting bus driver

A Kansas City, Mo., man was charged last month with the assault of a Kansas City bus driver and resisting arrest when he was later caught.

Malik Sanders, 29, was charged in July with assault, resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance. Sanders remained in custody until last week, when bond was reduced from $5,000 to $1,000, with restrictions that he reside with his mother and undergo treatment for drug addition. He has been scheduled to appear before Platte County Circuit Court judge Thomas Fincham in October.

On Tuesday, June 12, Kansas City police received a report of a Kansas City Area Transportation Authority bus driver who was assaulted by a passenger at Northwest 72nd Street and Prairie View Road. According to court documents, Sanders refused to pay his bus fare and spat in the driver’s face before fleeing on foot. Officers later located Sanders in a parking lot off Boardwalk Avenue and attempted to stop him. Sanders refused to get on the ground when ordered and instead turned on one of the officers to engage in a physical fight. It took both officers to take Sanders to the ground and handcuff him, yet he still tried to flee on foot.

During a search of Sanders’ backpack, officers located a glass vial containing a yellow liquid, which tested positive for PCP. Sanders admitted he had smoked PCP about two hours before assaulting the bus driver and that he smokes it nearly every day.

In March, Sanders was also charged with driving while intoxicated and possession of synthetic marijuana. He is scheduled to appear in court in September on these charges.


Malik Sanders

Malik Sanders