KC man lands in jail after drug bust at casino

A Kansas City man landed himself in trouble and in the hospital after trying to conceal methamphetamine from a Riverside officer after he left Argosy Casino.



Melvin Isbell, 56, was charged last month with delivery of a controlled substance. He was released from the Platte County Detention Center late last month after a drug patch was installed. He is due back in Platte County Circuit Court in September before Judge Ann Hansbrough.

According to court documents, a Riverside officer noticed a red pickup truck in the parking lot at Argosy Casino on Feb. 24. The driver exited through the wrong area and made a lane violation, prompting the officer to follow. When he was able to catch up and stop the vehicle, the officer noticed Isbell had a white powdery substance on his hands. A female was in the vehicle, and she told the officer she had an active warrant from Gladstone and provided her information. At the same time, the officer noticed Isbell was breathing fast. He told police he had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and would be fine. The officer noticed a wad of cash wrapped in a rubber band in the center console as well as more white powder.

When another officer arrived, they arrested the passenger, Denita Vasquez, and searched the vehicle. When Isbell exited the truck, police noticed more white powder on his clothing. During the search, police found yet more white powder in the driver’s seat, on the floorboard and floor mat. More was found on the steering wheel and samples were taken from the floorboard.

Officers questioned the passenger if Isbell had taken anything or acted suspiciously and Vasquez responded she wasn’t paying attention because she was concerned about her own warrant.

Isbell’s condition continued to deteriorate and the Riverside Fire Department responded to examine him. Isbell was transported to North Kansas City Hospital, where he was admitted to the ICU, hospital staff later told police. When they stripped his clothing, they found a plastic baggie containing a white crystal substance hidden between his butt cheeks.

The contents of the baggie and the floorboard of the vehicle tested positive for methamphetamine. In total, about 16 grams of meth was found on the floorboard of the truck and another 41 grams of meth was in the baggie.

According to court documents, Isbell was convicted of possession of a controlled substance in 1999 and twice in 2000. He was also convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia in 1999. All convictions were in Jackson County.