Man charged with raping woman he met through online dating site

An Independence, Mo. man has been charged with felony rape after allegedly assaulting a victim he met on the dating website “Plenty of Fish.” The incident occurred in 2016, but charges weren’t filed until this week.

Bradley Everhart

Bradley Everhart

According to court documents, Kansas City (Mo.) Police Department officers contacted the alleged 31-year-old female victim by phone while she was at the Mosaic Life Center in St. Joseph, Mo. completing a sexual assault kit. The victim stated she was raped by a male named Bradley, later identified as 31-year-old Bradley Everhart.

The alleged victim stated that after meeting on the dating website that she and Everhart were texting each other, and he asked if she wanted to meet him at his house to hang out. The victim at first did not wish to go but later agreed. 

The victim stated that once at Everhart’s house on Aug. 28, 2016 they went into his bedroom to watch television.  There were no chairs so she sat on the edge on the bed, and Everhart laid down on the bed. A short time later, the victim also laid down on the bed, but there was distance between her and Everhart.

According to court documents, the victim said she fell asleep and believed that Everhart also fell asleep. Shortly after when the victim felt Everhart kiss her shoulder, she asked, “What are you doing?” 

Everhart allegedly replied, “You didn’t want me to do that? Fine,” before rolling back over.

Everhart allegedly again rolled over and kissed the victim on the front of the shoulder before allegedly placing his hand by her genitals, according to court documents. The victim pushed his hand away but he then moved his hand up her tank top. 

According to court documents, Everhart then got on top of the woman and pulled her pants down and used his weight to pin her to the bed. He began to sexually assault the victim, according to her testimony as she told him, “No.”

After approximately four to five minutes, the victim was able to push Everhart off of her, and she walked out of the house. The victim stated that Everhart followed her out of the house, allegedly saying, “Please don’t say anything. I’ll never be able to see my girls again.” 

While on her way home, the woman received about 45 text messages from Everhart. 

Police showed the victim a photo lineup, and she identified Everhart. On Tuesday, Feb. 28, Independence Police Department officers took Everhart into custody without incident, according to court documents. He allegedly told police that he did not know the victim that was shown to him. 

Everhart was shown text messages that were sent from his phone to the victim’s, and he could not explain them. He thought maybe his ex-girlfriend sent them to the victim so that she would get him locked up. 

After police pointed out inconsistencies in his story, Everhart allegedly said he knew the victim, having met her online. He stated the victim came over to his house to watch a movie and during the film; the victim initiated sexual contact but then stated she wanted to stop so they finished the movie. 

Everhart continued by stating that after the movie was over, the victim again initiated sexual contact that led to sex. He stated that when she again told him to stop, he then got off the victim and she put her clothes on and left the home.

Court documents say lab work results are still pending.