Man charged with robbing Dick's Sporting Goods

A man charged with armed robbery of Dick’s Sporting Goods failed to appear in court on the felony charges recently.

Marvin Calhoun, 29, was set to appear in Platte County court on Nov. 13 but he failed to show and now there has been a $60,000 bond issued for the arrest of the Kansas City man.

Marvin Calhoun

Marvin Calhoun

Calhoun is accused of using a gun to take merchandise from Dick’s, located at 8665 NW Prairie View Road in Zona Rosa, on Oct. 5.

In interviews with detectives, Calhoun said he was trying to provide for his baby girl, when he stole more than $1,000 worth of Chiefs merchandise, according to court documents.

Calhoun had a basket full of merchandise when he walked past the checkout lanes. When asked if he needed help checking out, Calhoun turned to the employee, pointed a gun and said ‘naw, I don’t need help checking out,’ according to documents.

He left the store in a minivan, with $1,126 worth of merchandise, but it came back around the store and an employee was able to get the plate.

Officers located a 2005 Dodge Caravan and Calhoun and three passengers were taken into custody. None of them were charged in the incident.

One of the passengers in the vehicles told detectives he was there to purchase clothes for a funeral and didn’t know Calhoun had planned to rob the store. The passenger said that when he left the store the minivan had been moved. When he called Calhoun, he was told to meet him at the light.

Calhoun’s girlfriend was interviewed as well and stated she didn’t know her boyfriend had a gun with him and separated from him at the store while shopping. She did mention that Calhoun and two others were doing methamphetamine prior to the incident.

The suspect admitted to stealing the Chiefs jerseys in effort to make money for his daughter. He admitted to having the gun as well, but denied pointing it at the employee. He stated he only pulled it out to readjust it after it had moved in his pocket.

He denied intending to commit a robbery, but stated he has shoplifted in the past.