Man cited for DWI with 2 juveniles in his vehicle

A driver was taken into custody last month after being stopped on suspicion of driving while intoxicated with two minors in his vehicle.

According to court documents, a Platte County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled over Deandrew Capelton, 34, at about 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, April 27 while he was traveling on southbound Interstate 29 near 64th Street. The deputy allegedly observed Capelton failing to maintain a single lane at 72nd Street and again at 64th Street. 

When stopped, Capelton said he didn’t have his driver’s license and further stated he was suspended for driving while revoked. A computer check verified that and also found two active warrants in his name. He was arrested at that time.

According to court documents, the deputy observed Capelton to have bloodshot and glassy eyes with slurred speech.

Capelton allegedly admitted to drinking earlier, saying he had a tequila and Boulevard Wheat at about 8 p.m. earlier in the night. The deputy reportedly smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Capelton’s breath. 

There were two juvenile passengers in the car at the time of Capelton’s arrest — his daughter and a friend of his daughter’s. Their ages were not mentioned in a probable cause statement.

The deputy explained to Capelton that he suspected him of driving while intoxicated and that he was going to have him perform field sobriety tests at the Platte County Detention Center. Upon arrival at the jail, Capelton refused to take any field sobriety tests or preliminary breath test. 

The deputy read Implied Consent and he advised Capelton that Platte County was a no refusal county and that if he refused to take the breath test that he would seek a search warrant for a blood sample. Capelton refused and a warrant was applied for and was granted to test his blood. 

Capelton has previous arrests for driving while suspended/revoked. According to court records, he has been charged with misdemeanor for driving while intoxicated with a minor under the age of 17 in the vehicle and misdemeanor of driving while license was revoked.