North Platte School District warns parents of lurker spotted near elementary school

The North Platte Elementary School had a scare last week in the form of an unknown lurker near the school playground. 

On Thursday, Aug. 25, an elementary school parent contacted principal Cathy Hubble to report her child had spotted a man in the wooded area on the south end of the campus. Reportedly, the man stood looking through the fence and watching the children during recess on the day prior — Wednesday, Aug. 24. 

Hubble spoke to other students and staff on duty on the playground Aug. 24 and wasn’t able to identify a potential suspect. 

“By all accounts, this person did not communicate with the children or appear to interact with them,” North Platte superintendent Karl Matt said.

District officials notified the Platte County Sheriff’s Office about the incident and sent out letters and electronic notices to parents to alert them of the incident and asking them to report any additional suspicious behavior. Students have been warned to go straight to a teacher if there is an unknown adult near the school. 

“We have continued with a heightened awareness at times when students are outdoors and are ensuring the continued safety of our students through our established procedures and protocols,” Matt said.