Pair facing charges after stealing guitars

A pair of Kansas men are facing charges in Platte County for the theft of a pricey guitar from the Guitar Center at Tiffany Springs Market Center.

Nathaniel Bost

Nathaniel Bost

Nathaniel Bost, 21, of Kansas City, Kan. and Ryan Rainwater, 20, of Olathe, Kan. have each been charged with felony stealing in the incident, which occurred in October 2017. Bost is currently in custody in the Platte Coun-ty Detention Center, held on $10,000 bond. Rainwater successfully sought reduction of his $10,000 bond and was released Wednesday, June 27.

According to court documents, Oct. 6, 2017 the Guitar Center manager discovered a $1,300 Gibson guitar had been stolen from the store and reviewed surveillance videos. The video showed the two suspects in the store the day prior. One selected the guitar and put it inside a case the duo had brought into the store. They then left. A few days later, Rainwater returned to the store and allegedly attempted to sell them a used LTD electric guitar.

Further investigation showed Rainwater had sold the stolen Gibson and an LTD guitar not previously noticed as stolen from Guitar Center to a pawn shop in Olathe, Kan. An additional review of surveillance video showed Rainwater and Bost stole both guitars that day. The LTD guitar was valued at about $700.

After both suspects were identified, a records check showed Bost had sold the store five guitars over the last year. In one instance, additional video review showed that on Oct. 1, 2017 Bost stole back a guitar he had sold to the store on Sept. 27. It was later discovered that other stolen guitars had been taken from the Overland Park, Kan. Guitar Center store. Another guitar had been stolen from the Olathe Trading Post.

Rainwater confessed to the theft of the Gibson, stating he needed the money to buy drugs.