Parkville officer resigns after charges filed

A former Parkville police officer faces two charges after an incident in rural Platte County last weekend.

Scott Hacker, 39, is charged with domestic assault and unlawful use of a weapon after police were called to his residence south of Platte City on Saturday, July 6. Hacker was charged Sunday, July 7. Judge James Van Amburg set his bail at $5,000 and required Hacker surrender all weapons to the Parkville Police Department or the Platte County Sheriff's Office. Hacker is no longer in police custody.

No court date has been set as of press time.



According to Parkville chief of police Kevin Chrisman, Hacker resigned from his position as a Parkville patrol officer on Monday, July 8. He had worked for the city for only 11 months.

Deputies from the Platte County Sheriff's Office responded to a home south of Platte City at about 10 p.m. Saturday, according to court documents. A female at the residence called 911 stating Hacker had been drinking and had fired a gun into the air. When police arrived, Hacker and the female were home and officers noticed Hacker's eyes were bloodshot and they could smell alcohol on his breath. The female was shaking and had been crying.

Officers separated Hacker and the woman to speak to each individually. According to the statement of probable cause, while Hacker admitted he had been drinking beer, he said he did not touch a gun and did not go outside with a gun.

The female victim told another story. She told police Hacker had been drinking most of the day and was upset with neighbors shooting off fireworks. He went to confront them, then returned, going downstairs into a storage room to retrieve a gun case. She told police he then went outside and she followed. She told him to put the gun away, but Hacker allegedly said “if the neighbors got to celebrate, so did he.”

She said she warned him several times that if he fired the gun she would call police, then went inside. Shortly after, she heard a loud boom and heard him come back inside. He denied shooting the gun – an AR-15 rifle – and the two argued. She called 911 and Hacker said she was “ending his career.”

Then, according to court documents, Hacker allegedly grabbed her by the throat and threw her onto the couch, causing her to hit her head. When she got back up, he continued to accuse her of ending his career and grabbed her by the throat a second time, throwing her back onto the same couch.

The victim said she felt she couldn't breathe when he grabbed her throat and said security cameras in the house recorded the situation. Court documents indicate the video did match the victim's statement.

Hacker continued to assert his innocence but was taken into custody and transported to the Platte County Detention Center. Once there, he said he would not speak without an attorney present.