Parkville to host forum covering fire protection issues

Due to concerns about water pressure and fire suppression, the City of Parkville will host a public information forum Sept. 19.

The city issued a press release on the subject late last week, stating recent fire protection events have generated public questions. The forum will begin at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19 at Parkville City Hall, 8880 Cark Avenue.

The city, along with the Southern Platte Fire Protection District and Missouri American Water Company, will participate in the forum which will give the public the opportunity to ask questions and to hear about recent fire events and the capabilities of the fire protection system.

In early August, a fire sparked off in downtown Parkville and firefighters had difficulties controlling the blaze, reportedly due to low water pressure. Missouri American Water was notified and increased pressure, but after the fire was out said the problem was not due to low pressure but inadequate water lines.

Another fire this summer in Riss Lake attracted attention due to an apparent error made by a Kansas City firefighter who incorrectly accessed the fire hydrant.