Parkville's Creekside Industrial project approved by P&Z commission

In comparison to the other Creekside development proposal meetings, the Parkville Planning and Zoning Commission meeting held last week went by quickly.

The commission met Tuesday, Nov. 13 to review a zoning map amendment and preliminary development plan for the Creekside Industrial project, which would be located at the southwest corner of Interstate 435 and Highway 45.  The 49-acre site is slated for office, service and light industrial uses. Last month, developer Brian Mertz withdrew the Creekside Industrial application from the larger development plan to adjust the zoning adjustment request. The primary change is a reduction in the zoning to prohibit outdoor junk yards. Previously, the location was the site of the proposed “vertical ventures” development.

After about an hour of presentations by the developer and Parkville community development director Stephen Lachky, including an in-depth summary of the history of the site, the commission voted unanimously for approval of the zoning map amendment and preliminary development plan.

During the public hearing, unlike previous meetings, only one resident present spoke out in opposition. A resident of the west side of the proposal area, Tim Albright said he felt he had been treated with respect by the planning and zoning commission, but he had not received the same treatment from the board of aldermen.

“I’m hoping that the rift that is developing rapidly between those on the east side of town and us on the west side won’t grow further,” Albright said. “I fear that’s inevitably as lost as whatever it was that drew us to Parkville and its uniqueness to begin with.”

The applications will go before the board of aldermen for approval in December.

The board of aldermen gave final approve of the other Creekside development plans at a meeting Nov. 6, despite ongoing community dissention to the plan.

In early October, ongoing political action committee Citizens for a Better Parkville formed to combat the plans and seek change at city hall should elected officials approve the development plans.

The group states while it does not oppose development in Parkville, it opposes this particular development proposal and has issued statements questioning the city’s planning and zoning and approval process, accused the board of aldermen of violating the Missouri Sunshine Law and mayor Nan Johnston of ethics violations.

In early October, the city’s planning and zoning commission unanimously approved zoning map amendments and preliminary development plans for the Woods at Creekside, Creekside Village and Creekside Commons. The Woods and Village are single-family home and townhouse developments. Commons includes six turf baseball fields, hotels and restaurants as well as a new cemetery.

Developer Brian Mertz has said the baseball complex would be a privately-operated enterprise attracting competitive league play.