Platte City board updates cemetery fees, maintenance regulations

The Platte City board of aldermen met Tuesday, Aug. 28 to vote on two ordinance amendments and a special ordinance.

Two pertained to the Platte City cemetery and updated regulations and burial fees.

The first amended “Offenses of the Platte City code, cemetery regulations,” and was passed by unanimous vote. According to city documents, parking is specifically prohibited on the grass or other non-paved areas in the cemetery.

When it comes to flowers, mementos and grave decorations, they may remain at the site for 10 days following the day of internment. If these items are in a vase, holder or container, they may remain indefinitely or until they are visibly worn, tattered, soiled or faded.

Additionally, flags, statutes flowers, jewelry and other momentos may be placed at gravesites 10 days prior to Memorial Day, however, they are subject to removal on or after June 10 of each year, again, unless they are in a vase, holder or container permanently attached to the headstone.

Burial fees were also updated through unanimous vote, as follows:

Standard Burials
Weekdays — $700
Weekends — $800
Holidays — $850

Cremation or infant burials
Weekdays — $355
Weekends — $455
Holidays — $505

Oversized vaults will be subject to a $75 additional charge.

The city also set its property tax levy for the fiscal year through Oct. 31, 2019.

According to the city document, there is no change from the 2017 rate of $1.0758 per $100 assessed value.

Also at the meeting, a handful of members of the Platte County Police Department were on hand to discuss alleged mistreatment of city officers.

The aldermen and Mayor Frank Offutt all agreed to table this discussion for a time when a closed session can be held with all necessary parties.