Platte City man charged in pair of assaults, including spitting on arresting officer

A Platte City man faces a pair of misdemeanor assault charges for allegedly fighting with another man at a local hotel and spitting on a police officer when being taken into custody.

According to court documents, a man reported to the Platte City Police Department at about 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 1 and told officers that he had been assaulted at his residence, which is a room at the Travelodge Airport Platte City on South Prairie View Road. He stated that Donald E. Burrow, 27, knocked on the door and shoved his way into the room.

Donald Burrow

Donald Burrow

The alleged victim and a female were inside the room, and they alleged that Burrow threatened to kill them. According to court documents, the victim shoved Burrow back outside, and he then began to kick the door.

At about 9:30 p.m., officers responded to Burrow’s residence in Platte City to question him about the alleged assault, according to a separate probable cause statement.

Burrow allegedly told officers he had been to the Travelodge, and they told him he was under arrest. According to court documents, Burrow began cussing at officers and claimed he had done nothing wrong and then took “an aggressive step” toward one of the officers.

The officer then placed a hand on Burrow’s chest and began pushing him toward the patrol car. At that time, Burrow allegedly spit saliva that contained chewing tobacco at the officer, striking him in the left eye.

The other officer then gained control of the suspect and detained him in the patrol car.

According to court documents, Burrow continued to scream and curse at officers and threatening to kill them.

In relation to the two incidents, Burrow faces one misdemeanor for assaulting the man at the Travelodge and another misdemeanor for assaulting a law enforcement officer. He remains in custody at the Platte County Detention Center on a $10,000 cash-only bond.